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Welcome to Together Against Grooming (TAG)

TOGETHER AGAINST GROOMING (TAG) is a project that is being led by the social enterprise BETTER FUTURES TOGETHER (Charity Commission Registration no. 1140166). TAG has been established to work with others to respond to the issue of sexual exploitation of children and vulnerable young people and we are part of the Community Alliance Against Sexual Exploitation (CAASE).

The particular focus of the TAG project is to carry out practical work and raise awareness of the “street” or “localised” grooming model of sexual exploitation in response to a number of recent cases where the perpetrators have mainly been from an Asian/Muslim background.

At the outset we want to make it clear that we fundamentally disagree with some racist extremist groups and others who are exploiting this situation to denigrate Muslims and Islam by suggesting that there might be a religious and/or cultural explanation for the action of these men.

Extensive research by the Children’s Commissioner of England and others reveal that unfortunately in our country our children are the victims of sexual exploitation and grooming from individuals and gangs that are from all sections of the community. That said we believe that this does not entitle those of us that are from a Muslim background to ignore this issue.

There have been a number of high profile cases starting with the Rochdale case and most recently in Telford and Oxford through which we have learnt of the incredibly horrific evil that the victims, who remember are children, of these crimes have suffered at the hands of their perpetrators. In March 2013 the West Yorkshire Police announced that it had arrested 54 suspects of sexual grooming over a five month period in the Bradford district.

We also understand that round the country there are a further ten cases of localised grooming that are pending.

All of these facts are enough for those of us that are from a Muslim background to consider getting involved so that we can try and make a difference.

As Muslims we are taught by the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) that:

”If any of you see an evil, then change it with your hand, and if you cannot, then change it with your tongue, and if you cannot, then hate it in your heart; and that is the least of faith.”

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Khutba Against Grooming: 28th June 2013

We are embarking on a campaign to ask all mosques in the UK to devote the sermon for the Friday Prayers on 28 June 2013 to the issue of grooming. We are aiming for several hundred mosques to send the same message on a single day and believe that that would have a powerful impact on the Muslim community and we would go a long way to raising awareness about this issue.
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